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The new solo album from Quandry’s singer/songwriter is only weeks away!  The solo project, dubbed “Natoven”, will release a full length album titled “Taste the Dirt” on 03/31 and will be available through most online music stores as well as physical cd’s available from www.Natoven.com

New band to watch for…

Quandry’s original guitar player, Guy Holland, has joined forces with his brother Peter Holland and Bruce Parsons to form a new band entitled “High Leg” out of the Portland area. They’re close to announcing show dates so stay tuned…

03/31/14 Official release date of NATOVEN debut album.

Nate Allbritton, the singer/songwriter for Quandry is debuting his solo album in the coming months! Under the alias “Natoven”, Nate’s album will feature special guests from the original Quandry lineup and some other notable guests, such as acclaimed soul singer “Dudley Perkins” and break out artist “Angie Thomas”. The LP will sidestep from the progressive rock that Quandry was best known for, and layer in other genres that Nate enjoys playing. Stay tuned for more updates soon!    www.Natoven.com


For those that haven’t yet heard, my new project is well underway and you can hear samples on the new website: www.Natoven.com

Please check it out and drop me a line, would love to hear from you all. As you’ll see on the website, my primary focus going forward is working with music in film and radio, but I am also releasing a solo album this summer. More to come…

The music of Quandry still lives…

It’s nearing a year since Quandry decided to go on hiatus. The members continue to stay in touch and have even discussed getting together for a jam now and then…for fun. Several members continue to focus on music projects, and if you haven’t checked the projects out, I wanted to list a few references for your browsing endeavors:

Nate: Original vocalist/bassist/songwriter for Quandry. Currently writing a debut solo album due to release in summer 2012. A web link to the project and music will be added soon.

Carlos: Additional Guitarist who teamed up in 2010. Currently in several music projects, of which ‘Beringia’  is definitely worth checking out. These guys are brash, in your face, and will stand out in a day long concert series, http://www.facebook.com/beringiakills

Matt: Quandry’s drummer during the final year of 2009-10, Currently playing in a Portland area band called Glassbones. They perform around the scene out here, check em out and go say hey to Matt, http://www.glassbones.com/


It is with sadness and neccesity, that I announce the disbanding of Quandry. A little over 6 years ago, we started playing music together with hopes of taking the group as far as we could. We hit some amazing high points, and struggled through some rough down turns over the years. We made a lot of life-long friends and met a fair share of douchebags along the way as well 🙂 All and all, some of the best times of our lives and I will certainly miss playing with Quandry.

Our unreleased music will eventually make it’s way out to the world, and as individuals, we’ll have our own seperate projects and exciting ventures to come. So don’t count us out, or say goodbye. Rather, keep yourself occupied while we find a new way to share our music with you again…

Thanks for your ongoing support and all the good times, it was a good run



Writing new album…

As the band has been in transition during 2010, we’ve spent a lot of time with our new drummer working on perfecting our existing material for live shows. However, the time has come to begin a new chapter in Quandry, to explore our creative abilities with a fresh perspective and the addition of a new song writer.

We’ll be taking some time off from live shows to work on new material for the next Quandry album, no release date has been set yet, but continue to visit us and stay in touch! We’ll be on a stage near you soon enough…

Quandry performing with Trapt 11-23-2010 @ Hawthorne Theater

Date: Tuesday 11-23-2010 at 7:30pm, All Ages

Hawthorne Theater
1507 SW 39th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

With TRAPT, Since October, Abused Romance